I'm going to plot the shot chart for every MVP winner since the 96-97 season (data is not available earlier than that):

In [14]:
import pandas as pd
import NBAapi as nba
import numpy as np
import seaborn
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

%matplotlib inline
In [15]:
def seasons_string(start,end):
    creates a list of NBA seasons from start-end
    years = np.arange(start,end+1)
    seasons = []
    for year in years:
        string1 = str(year)
        string2 = str(year+1)
        season = '{}-{}'.format(string1,string2[-2:])
    return seasons

Let's load the list of players from the NBA API:

In [16]:
player_list = nba.player.commonallplayers(currentseason=0) # load a list of NBA players including retired players 

And now let's create a list of names and a list of seasons:

In [17]:
players = ['Malone, Karl',
          'Jordan, Michael',
          'Malone, Karl',
          'O\'Neal, Shaquille', 
          'Iverson, Allen',
          'Duncan, Tim',
          'Duncan, Tim',
          'Garnett, Kevin',
          'Nash, Steve',
          'Nash, Steve',
          'Nowitzki, Dirk',
          'Bryant, Kobe',
          'James, LeBron',
          'James, LeBron',
          'Rose, Derrick',
          'James, LeBron',
          'James, LeBron',
          'Durant, Kevin',
          'Curry, Stephen',
          'Curry, Stephen']
# create season string based on the seasons Steph Curry played in the league
seasons = seasons_string(1996,2016)
for season,player in zip(seasons,players):
    print(season + ': ' + player)
1996-97: Malone, Karl
1997-98: Jordan, Michael
1998-99: Malone, Karl
1999-00: O'Neal, Shaquille
2000-01: Iverson, Allen
2001-02: Duncan, Tim
2002-03: Duncan, Tim
2003-04: Garnett, Kevin
2004-05: Nash, Steve
2005-06: Nash, Steve
2006-07: Nowitzki, Dirk
2007-08: Bryant, Kobe
2008-09: James, LeBron
2009-10: James, LeBron
2010-11: Rose, Derrick
2011-12: James, LeBron
2012-13: James, LeBron
2013-14: Durant, Kevin
2014-15: Curry, Stephen
2015-16: Curry, Stephen

And now we can easily create the shot charts following the guidelines from this post:

In [18]:
for season,player in zip(seasons,players):
    player_id = player_list[player_list['DISPLAY_LAST_COMMA_FIRST']== player].PERSON_ID # get players id
    shotchart,leagueavergae = nba.shotchart.shotchartdetail(playerid=player_id,season=season) # get shot chart data from NBA.stats
    if season=='1996-97':