About Me

Best quote to describe me:

"what does not kill me makes me whinier".

Best sports achievment:

12 points (in 12 minutes) during a high school basketball game which made the opposition coach shout - "stop letting that midget score on you".

Best life achievment:

My son dominating his pre-K soccer league.

About this blog:

I have a lot of experience with MATLAB and at first I started doing sports analytics in MATLAB (you can see some of my work here).

This blog was created as a fun way for me to learn python.

Why is this blog called Doing The Dishes? When I asked my wife about possible names for the blog she said "Maybe you should do the dishes instead"


I try to reference any previous work that I have encountered or that I was inspired by. Since I have a limited amount of time to work on this blog I decided to spend my time writting code rather than searching for previous work.